Onesies & Kid Tees

Mari Kyrios® is a trademark of KMG Brands LLC (click here for reference) and a registered dba (doing business as) company.

But Mari Kyrios is more than that.  More than just a person or idea.  It is a mindset that drives us to take creative paths less traveled and express that inner artist, writer & designer.

No matter how goofy, offbeat or off color an idea is, we make it.  Why?  Because we all need to see if that thought and expression will be enjoyed by others.  We don't care if that is two people or 200,000 people, just that someone else enjoyed it.

Mari Kyrios products include custom designed shirts, caps and baby clothing.  Heat transfer vinyl and sublimation are extensively used, but any substrate is potentially available.

Do you need a custom item?  Only need one or two of them?  Easy for us.  Click here for information on custom work.