Want Something Customized?

We can customize any item as needed. We also do specific requests. Just use the contact us form. We will reply that same day, even on weekends.

Customization starts with an idea, and sometimes those ideas come from you :-)

Do you have a phrase or image that you would like to see on a onesie, t-shirt, towel, bag or beanie? We can probably help with it.

Whether you are looking for a single customized item or a few, we will be your best bet. Need 10 or more items? We can recommend a good company that can accommodate your large order. 

Unlike silk-screening, which is what big t-shirt shops use for large orders, we specialize in heat transfer and sublimation. Because of this, we can provide very detailed and crisp, clean images on a "short run" basis.

Heat Transfer

All of our onesies and tees on this site are examples of heat transfer.  This style of decorating can be done in almost any color imaginable and can be pressed on almost any item that is polyester, cotton or a poly/cotton blend.

Pricing is very reasonable for custom work.  Most items can be done for under $25 each, and that includes the time it takes to convert your idea to a transfer.  Shipping is always free.  Have a specific top, bottom or item you need customized?  A lot of folks buy an item on their favorite marketplace (Amazon, Walmart etc) and ship it directly to us.  Or, take a look here for something you like:  www.sportswearcollection.com/KMG-Brands

We also specialize in sublimation.

Sublimation is a fancy term for dyeing an item with ink & heat. For this reason, any items printed must originally be white in color. Also, sublimated items must be a form of polyester (think moisture wicking shirts) or coated with a poly substrate. We have access to hundreds of items that can be sublimated:

Travel mugs
stainless steel water bottles
Bags & totes
Socks, gaiters & compression sleeves

Review or download our catalog for more items here.  Sublimation Catalog for KMG Brands.  Email for pricing.

Dye Sublimation Transfer is a process where we take an image that has been created digitally (either by scanning, downloaded from a digital camera or created on a computer) and then print this image with a printer using special inks onto transfer paper.

We then press the inks at a high heat until the they turn to a gas and transfer the image onto the item.  Here are two examples that are not shirts:

steel-tumbler1.jpeg rally-towel1.jpg