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DDR5-4800 RAM

What RAM Do I Need? A RigidRAM Finders Guide

Developer:  JEDEC
Type:  Synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM)
Generation:  5th generation
Release date:  2020

DDR5-4000 (PC5-32000)
DDR5-4400 (PC5-35200)
DDR5-4800 (PC5-38400)
DDR5-5200 (PC5-41600)
DDR5-5600 (PC5-44800)
DDR5-6000 (PC5-48000)
DDR5-6200 (PC5-49600)
DDR5-6400 (PC5-51200)
DDR5-6800 (PC5-54400)
DDR5-7200 (PC5-57600)
DDR5-7600 (PC5-60800)
DDR5-8000 (PC5-64000)

Clock rate:  2,000–4,000 MHz
Voltage:  Reference 1.1 V

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